We are a Christian congregation (followers of Jesus Christ) who meet together every Saturday (Sabbath) morning. All visitors are most welcome to join us for our weekly Saturday morning programs.

Small Group Bible Study (Sabbath School) - 9.30am to 10.40am
Join us as we study the Bible together in small groups and share the experiences of the week with each other.  We start as one group in the auditorium and sing songs, collect a voluntary mission offering, and have prayer.  At around 9.45am we then break into smaller classes to open God's Word and study a different topic each week in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  Visitors are extremely welcome and you need no former bible knowledge to be able to come and participate in these classes, which relate Bible principles to every day Christian living, mission, and devotion to God.

Children's Sabbath School
Your kids will be kept busy with songs, crafts, quizzes, games and Bible stories. We have classes for all age groups, being:

  • Kindergarten / Cradleroll:  0 - 5 years old;
  • Junior / Primary:  6 - 12 years old;
  • Teen:  13 - 15 years old;
  • Youth:  16 - 25 years old.

Main Church Service - 10.55am - 12.15pm (finishing time varies)
Come and praise God this week through song, prayer and an uplifting message.  Our service typically reflects the following:

  • A couple of songs;
  • Welcome & Announcements;
  • Prayer;
  • A freewill (voluntary) offering;
  • A couple of songs;
  • A story especially for children;
  • The main message ( about 30 - 40 minutes of Bible-based instruction );
  • A final song;
  • Prayer.

Fellowship or Basket Lunch
Most weeks some of the members of the church put on a free fellowship lunch for visitors and special guests.  The food is wholesome vegetarian food that will astound you with the flavours and taste, followed by a yummy (and not always wholesome) dessert.  Some weeks the church has a "Basket Lunch" where all members and visitors are encouraged to stay for a special time of social fellowship which is a gourmet banquet.

So, if you want to experience the difference that the love of God can do in your life, meet with friendly people, and learn more about what the Bible says; then come along.



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